Strategic Insights and Business Intelligence Through Machine Learning

About Procyon

Procyon Analytics delivers best in class data analytics solutions through our proprietary analytics engine, Laelaps, designed to provide our clients with the business and predictive intelligence that illuminates clear decision making from which to drive business growth.

Organizations that can layer advanced analytics capabilities on top of Big Data will grow 20% faster than their competitors.

Source: Gartner, Inc.

Procyon Analytics delivers customized business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions as a strategic partner to our clients. Procyon’s unique combination of advanced analytical tools and experienced professionals enable us to provide comprehensive solutions, which enable our clients to make more informed decisions. In addition to a team of advanced data scientists, Procyon’s professionals craft bespoke analytical engagements, adopting a consultative approach to our analytic design. Our implementation professionals utilize the latest data engineering and data science technologies designed to drive revenue growth, reduce costs, and improve risk management.

Procyon understands that each client is unique, and as such, we begin each engagement with a “white board” mentality to understanding their business. We have found that this paradigm provides for an open platform and dialogue, enabling a collaborative approach to identifying business opportunities. At Procyon, we enable our clients to leverage their Big Data with Procyon’s best-in-class analytics via our proprietary dashboard reporting and visualizations tools which are customized to our clients.

Procyon understands that in the advanced technological environment, that enables the connection, or “internet of things” of business to client, our clients are seeking ways to enhance and define the customer experience. Procyon’s data scientists work in coordination with our clients using our in-house analytics engine, Laelaps, to customize machine learning algorithms and structure client data from which Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive analytics can be performed. Our data engineersarchitects can extract, loadaggregate, and transformmigrate existing data into a private or public cloud and or architect a cloud based analytics solution that enables Procyon’s platform to seamlessly extend the data capabilities of your organization. design and enact an in-house Big Data system from scratch with automated data cleaning and unstructured/semi-structured to structured data algorithms.

Procyon’s data scientists are prepared to support our client’s data analytics requirements in a wide variety of capacities. Procyon can implement a solution that ranges from delivering Descriptive and Diagnostic business intelligensce via dashboard reporting, or designing a specific data warehousing solution. Procyon consolidates your data into a single warehouse with its own unique qualifiers, which allows our customers to perform sophisticated analytics. Experience has taught Procyon that harnessing the power of data requires a “centered universe” from which all data can be accessed. Centered, clean data distributed throughout your organization clearly establishes that all business intelligence and decisions are made from the same dataset.

Procyon is agnostic to data sources and maintains expertise in diverse Hadoop and enterprise data technologies such as Scala, R, Python, SQL, HiveQL, PigLatin.

Procyon’s advanced analytics technologies are designed to identify and yield transformational improvements in firm performance. Procyon Analytics technologies enable our clients to gain critical business insight into the business model so that more informed decisions can be designed to drive business growth. Procyon has assisted clients:

  • Improve customer service and retention
  • Drive revenues through behavioral prediction and more efficient customer segmentation
  • Improve marketing efficiency through uplift modeling
  • Effectively evaluate and price financial and insurance risks

Our Clients

Procyon Analytics clients include Financial Service, Industrial, Health Care, and Ecommerce companies. Procyon has extracted, loaded, and transformed data to provide analysis across sales channels and markets to identify trends in productivity and performance, which impact ROI. Procyon has developed behavioral analysis and customer segmentation studies that impact supply chain metrics in an effort to redefine marketing plans. Procyon predictive analytic engine, Laelaps, provides an interactive interface for our clients to predict trends and customer purchase decisions in Ecommerce applications. In the financial services sector, our predictive engine provides clarity around expected loan loss provisioning, propensity to pay, and loan scoring models.

Procyon Analytics dashboard is delivered as SaaS, and is customizable for each client while delivering a set of standard templates to jumpstart your analytic process.

Our Team

Procyon’s data scientists includes Phd’s in Computer Engineering and Science, MBA’s, and experienced data architects and programmers. In addition to deep experience in sophisticated statistical analysis, signal processing, and machine learning algorithms the Procyon team has developed predictive and prescriptive analysis for firms ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 companies.

The Procyon Name

Procyon takes its name from the brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor and the seventh brightest star in the sky.

Canis Minor is identified as one of the dogs following Orion, the hunter in Greek myth and Orion constellation. Procyon obtained its name because it rises before Sirius, the Dog Star, in the sky when observed from most northern latitudes. As depicted in our logo, Procyon is located in the hip of the dog in the Canis Minor constellation.

In Greek mythology, Laelaps is represented by the constellation Canis Major that along with Canis Minor complete the Orion constellation. Laelaps was an extremely fast dog, destined to always catch its prey. Procyon’s proprietary analytic engine is named after Laelaps.